Reasons To Give

Your Neighbors Need You

Your gift helps people right here in our community to meet needs ranging from food, clothing and shelter to adult day care, abuse prevention services, elder care and youth mentoring services. Over 47,000 people were provided services through one of the 27 United Way of Cleveland County Partner Agencies last year alone. 

Your Gift Stays Here

Or as we say "Rasied Here, Stays Here." The funds raised through the United Way of Cleveland County are distributed to health and human service agencies which serve our community. Your gift stays right here in Cleveland County and helps your friends, neighbors and loved ones. 

Local Funding Decisions

Every spring more than 30 of your friends and neighbors volunteer to spend hours of their time studying county needs and agency accountability for the dollars you donate.They decide which programs will receive money,and in what amounts. This process ensures that every dollar that is donated to the United Way of Cleveland County is making the biggest impact possible. Our agencies know that to be a United Way Agency you have to be responsible with donor dollars, have effective outcomes and address important needs within Cleveland County.

Cost Effective

Out of every dollar you give, 87% goes directly to health and human services. Thirteen cents out of every dollar is used for administrative and fund-raising costs. The United Way operates on minimal funds so that as many people as possible are helped with your generous donations.