Reasons To Give

By working together through the United Way, we help ourselves and our neighbors in ways that matter.
Your United Way is committed to investing in quality programs and innovative initiatives that achieve results that truly matter for us all.


Four Good Reasons To Give Through United Way




Your gift helps people right here in our community to meet needs ranging from food, clothing and

shelter to adult day care, abuse prevention services, elder care and youth mentoring services.



The funds raised through the United Way of Cleveland County are distributed to health and

human service agencies which serve our community. Your gift stays right here in Cleveland County.



More than 60 of your friends and neighbors volunteer to spend hours of their time studying county needs and agencies’ accountability for the dollars you donate.They decide which programs will receive money,and in what amounts.


Out of every dollar you give, 86% goes directly to health and human services. Fourteen cents out of every dollar is used for administrative and fund-raising costs.



Your United Way supports programs that respond to emergency needs, support children
and family, provide for the elderly and promote health & wellness.

The United Way of Cleveland County is a leader and partner in understanding our community’s
most important human service needs and identifying the best approaches for addressing those needs.
United Way works together with organizations and individuals in Cleveland County to achieve
positive goals for our community.

The services supported through the annual United Way campaign touch the lives of
1 in 3 of our neighbors. Your help is needed to ensure that these important services continue.

Together, we do what matters.