GLC-CoC NC ESG-CV1 Funding Opportunities 6-26-20

NC ESG CV1 Timelline 

NC Emergency Solutions Grant Program, COVID Phase 1 (NC ESG-CV1) 

In our tri-counties, HUD has allocated $636,322.

All NC ESG-CV1 application information and materials can be found here:  


NC ESG-CV1: Back@Home Model – and Housing Stability Competition

The Gaston-Lincoln-Cleveland Continuum of Care (GLC-CoC) approved  to “opt-in” to the statewide Back@Home model supported by NC DHHS. Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland agencies that intend to apply as a Back@Home entity for housing stability funds (Rapid Rehousing/Homeless Prevention) will need a letter of support from the GLC-CoC to attach to the application.

Please send me an email by Noon, Wednesday, July 1st, to confirm your intent to apply for Back@Home funds. Back@Home applications are sent directly to NC DHHS and must be submitted by 5pm, Friday, July 17th. The GLC Grants Review Committee has access to the grants portal to review Back@Home applications – but does not participate in the scoring of applications.


NC ESG-CV1: Crisis Response Funds

Agencies planning to apply for Street Outreach and/or Shelter funding need to Steffi Travis by Noon, Wed., July 1st – with basic information (abbreviated Letter of Intent):

  • Name of Agency and confirmation that it is either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or government entity. Please include your IRS Tax Identification #.
  • Which County(ies) you will serve (Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland)
  • Which ESG-CV1 Crisis Response service(s) you plan to apply for and the funding amount you think you will be asking for. (This is a preliminary figure for the Grants Review Committee – which understands your final budget can change.)
  • Does your organization have the financial capacity (adequate cash flow) to manage reimbursement awards?
  • Does your organization participate in the GLC Coordinated Entry process to house the homeless? HUD requires grantees to participate in a coordinated process.
  • Does your organization participate in the  Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) or DV comparable database? HUD/ESG require grantees to use HMIS or DV comparable database.

If you have any questions about the NC ESG-CV1 funding opportunity, Back@Home model, applications, deadlines, etc., please contact:

Steffi Travis